Lawrence and Anna

I met Lawrence and Anna through Topher, however, I consider them friends independent of Topher. Does that make sense?

I actually went to jr. high with Lawrence... he voted for me when I ran for 8th grade class president. I can't say that I remember him from way back then though. Anyway, we all link back to Jean who was Anna's roommate after high school. She introduced Lawrence and Anna. It took awhile, but Lawrence and Anna got together, and have been a couple for years and years now. They are good people, and fun people, and I like them a lot.

We hang out at a little dive of a bar called Chuck's. They have beer and beer light on tap, and they serve shots of the hard stuff- not much else. We are the customers, and although other people show up every now and then, I'm sure we single-handedly keep Chuck's in business.

I like Lawerence and Anna because they're not afraid to make fun of me. They each have a unique, punny, and sarcastic sense of humor. I can be honest with them, because they are honest with me. We share a friendship with Topher and a sense of responsibility for his well being because of that friendship.

Lately, I've found myself alone at Lawrence and Anna's house. We usually spend the early part of the night at Chuck's drinking and video bowling, then we walk a couple blocks to Lawrence and Anna's house and drink some more, talk, and get high. So, it's not just me that walks back to their house. Usually Topher and Bell come with. Lately Topher has been getting mad at me and taking off before I consider the night to be over.

When Topher leaves, it generally leads to a specific conversation between Lawrence, Anna and me.

"You've been discussed." they say, "We consider you your own entity aside from Topher. You're good people and our friend independent of Topher."

I love them for that, and the fact that they take the time to let it be known that they like me for me. I let them know that I appreciate them, and feel much the same about their friendship. Most of the time this makes me feel good, and accepted, and loved. I don't know if it's because of the pot, but recently it all gets to be too much for me after the first round of the conversation. What else can we say? There has to be some new ground, something to talk about other than my independence from Topher. So now I vow, I'll take the lead and discuss politics or work or religion... maybe even start a game. Lawrence and Anna are worth that, independent of Topher, I think. ;)


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