I sleep with Joe on a regular basis. I like him because he's average. He's not sexy in the traditional way, and not popular as I envision popular. He's an artist who draws comics and super heroes (he's very into that type of thing) and I've know him to write a racy sex story or two. I'm happy to report that he gave me my comic book sex education.

I met Joe at work and he vividly remembers the day he realized he wanted to fuck me. He was checking out my breasts when were working in very close quarters. I don't think I noticed then, but I recall when I decided I wanted to fuck him... It was just after talking with him about sex toys and slumber parties. It was a moment that made me blush when I realized it.

We play games and tell stories, play truth or dare, and share fantasies. We take showers and watch porn and sleep soundly next to each other between sex. (We always have sex a few times at night and then in the morning too) The sex is great, and keeps getting better. We rarely go out together, we don't share friends, we don't have normal relationship expectations of each other. We keep our relationship secret, and maybe that's part of the fun. I wouldn't tell him this, but I love my Average Joe. :) I'm completely satisfied with things as they are. I'm pretty sure he is too.


Flameater said...
Sat Jun 27, 11:55:00 PM 2009

I feel happy for you.

Once I met a girl and we were made for each other (just like you and Joe). We huddled and shared dinner in a thatched hut while it poured cats and dogs around us, we joked and laughed while we made love, days turned into nights and days again without us realizing it.

We are no longer with each other. I hope and pray that she is happy. When I die and look back upon my life, I believe that I will see the period of time that we were together shining very brightly against a patchwork of bright and dark patches.

In the meantime, I feel happy for my friends who are happily in love. Cherish the experience.

Vera Lee said...
Wed Jul 01, 12:21:00 AM 2009

Thanks Flameater. :) I'm enjoying the time I have with Joe. I wish you happiness and love!

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