Doing Ward

Ward is a small man with fairly long hair (balding slightly), who always wears a white corduroy jacket. I will forever think of the early nineties when I think of Ward and his white corduroy jacket. I met him at Chuck's through Bell. Bell and Topher have history, by the way... they dated before Topher shot himself. In fact, Topher broke Bell's heart and was a big jerk before he shot himself. Then after he shot himself, he decided he wanted Bell back. Well, Bell wouldn't have it. As a matter of fact, now that I think about it... I think Bell and Ward have history too. I haven't heard their history yet, so I'll save that for another time.
So, Ward is a fairly regular customer at Chuck's and he's a bar tender for another bar that Bell frequents. One night after drinking at Chuck's we all decided to continue our party at Lawrence and Anna's. Ward wanted beer from his house (I really like his doors.) and I wanted weed from mine, so we drove together before we all convened at L & A's. The night was good, and nothing was implied or said in the way of Ward and I hooking up, but that was not the last I saw of Ward.
A weekend or so ago, I saw Ward again. Topher had invited me to Chuck's after work, and Ward was there hanging out too. Ward and I started up with flirtatious banter. I found out later that he asked Topher if it was okay if he tried hooking up with me. (Topher gave him the green light- talk about feeling like a piece of meat!) Anyway, Jean was visiting from out of town, and I really had a wonderful time catching up with her... and then there was Ward. Hovering. Flirting. Rubbing my back. We had the usual after party at Lawrence and Anna's. Ward and I drove over together and he kissed me while we were still in the car. (I thought Topher knew, I later found out he didn't.) Topher got angry and jealous about the flirting I was feeling awkward, and said so. That's when Anna and I stepped out to have a conversation. Have I mentioned that I love Anna? Well I do.
Anna is awesome and told me that I should do what I felt like doing, that I'd hung around while Topher was mindlessly pining over Bell and that no one would judge me harshly for hooking up with Ward... "plus we're all drunk, it's not like you're deciding to start a relationship- it's just a drunk hook up." she said. "We like you independent of Topher."
When we came back, Topher left saying that he needed to get Bell home because she worked in the morning. He said he was coming back, but texted me later all angry about the flirting with Ward saying that he would just stay out of the way.
So, Ward and I hooked up. I don't exactly know why. I can't say that I wanted it the whole time. Lord knows I tried to get out of there! I was drunk and high and still trying to convince myself that I wanted to sleep with him. The chemistry just wasn't there. He has cats. (I'm allergic) He was tending a dog. (I'm allergic) He didn't take charge in bed. (He needed to.) I just wasn't feeling it. (It wasn't the size of the ocean OR the motion of the ocean.)
I'll chalk it up to experience and blame it on the drunkeness.


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